"The greatest single acts of terrorism to date were not perpetrated by
Osama bin Laden, but by the US military when it dropped atomic bombs
on the people of Hiroshima and Nagasaki."

Speech by
Moonanum James
32nd National Day of Mourning, 2001

Free Leonard Peltier
The International Office of the
Leonard Peltier Defense Committee

Speech by Moonanum James at 30th National Day of Mourning, Nov 25, 1999

Speech by Moonanum James at 29th National Day of Mourning, Nov 26, 1998

Statement of Leonard Peltier to National Day of Mourning, 11/26/98, Plymouth, Mass

Statement of Mumia Abu-Jamal to National Day of Mourning '98

For the latest actions and updates to
"Free Mumia"

UAINE Bulletin:
October 19, 1998 Statement of UAINE on the dropping of charges against Plymouth defendants and settlement with Plymouth..

Settlement Highlights

Text of Settlement

Text of Plaques on Cole's Hill and in Post Office Square, Plymouth

1970 Speech of
(Frank B.)
James, Wampanoag

A National Day of
Mourning for Indians
-- by Moonanum James
and Mahtowin Munro

Mumia, Leonard, Mascots

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